football 2022

Exciting Changes Coming to Football in 2022

The world of football is set to undergo some exciting changes in 2022 that will impact both players and fans alike. From new rules to technological advancements, here are some of the key developments to look out for in the upcoming year.

VAR Technology Enhancements

One of the biggest changes coming to football in 2022 is the enhancement of VAR technology. Video Assistant Referees have already been implemented in many leagues around the world, but new improvements will make the system even more accurate and efficient.

Fans can expect quicker decisions, clearer communication from referees, and fewer controversial calls thanks to these upgrades. This will help ensure a fairer playing field for all teams and reduce the likelihood of disputes over refereeing decisions.

Introduction of Concussion Substitutes

In an effort to prioritize player safety, football will be introducing concussion substitutes in 2022. This means that if a player suffers a head injury during a match, they can be substituted without it counting towards the team’s normal allocation of substitutions.

This new rule aims to prevent players from continuing to play with a potential head injury, which can have serious long-term consequences. It demonstrates football’s commitment to player welfare and sets a positive example for other sports to follow.

Expansion of Women’s Football

Women’s football has been gaining momentum in recent years, and 2022 will see even more growth in this sector. With the success of the Women’s World Cup and increased investment from clubs and sponsors, the sport is set to reach new heights in the coming year.

Fans can expect to see more coverage of women’s matches, greater support for female players, and increased opportunities for women to participate in football at all levels. This will help to further diversify the sport and showcase the talent and skill of female athletes to a global audience.


As we head into 2022, football fans have a lot to be excited about. From advancements in technology to a greater focus on player safety and the expansion of women’s football, the sport is evolving in exciting new ways.

These changes will help to make football more inclusive, fair, and enjoyable for all involved. Whether you’re a player, a fan, or a casual observer, there’s no doubt that 2022 will be a thrilling year for the beautiful game.