covers nfl

covers nfl

The NFL has produced some iconic covers over the years, but not all have been hits. Let’s break down the best and worst NFL covers of all time.

The Best:

1. Madden NFL 2004 (Michael Vick): Featuring the Atlanta Falcons quarterback, this cover was praised for its dynamic design and Vick’s intense stare.

2. Madden NFL 2008 (Vince Young): The cover featuring Young diving into the end zone perfectly captured his athletic prowess and the excitement of the game.

3. Madden NFL 2019 (Antonio Brown): This cover stood out for its bold graphic design and unique use of color.

The Worst:

1. Madden NFL 2000 (Barry Sanders): This cover was criticized for its lackluster design and outdated graphics.

2. Madden NFL 2014 (Adrian Peterson): Peterson’s cover was deemed unoriginal and uninspired, with some critics questioning his relevance at the time.

3. Madden NFL 2017 (Rob Gronkowski): Gronk’s cover was criticized for its overly cheesy and uninteresting design, failing to capture the essence of the game.

In conclusion, the best NFL covers are the ones that capture the excitement and intensity of the game, while the worst covers are those that miss the mark with uninspired designs and lackluster graphics. Ultimately, a great NFL cover should represent the best of the sport and its most beloved players.